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Adventures in Crypto founders Diane and Morris Evans happened upon the crypto world after becoming dissatisfied with the financial options available to them. Just years away from retirement they often wondered how they were going to create a secure and comfortable retirement without worrying about the inflating US dollar and whether Social Security would be there for them.

In their efforts to find better investment opportunities they discovered Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. They were both intrigued by the concept of blockchain and the technology behind it and knew this was going to change everything for them.

After researching and listening to hundreds of videos and articles, they found like-minded folks providing reputable information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They learned that the crypto economic system was a vast array of ecosystems with new technologies introducing people to alternative financial systems and projects that will replace many of the large corporations we see today. Not only are these new systems decentralized , but they are being created by the people, for the people. 

They were invited to be part of the Founders Group and become part of the technological revolution.  They connected with several trusted and respected crypto entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping others become successful and create financial freedom for themselves. Within this network they share the most updated crypto information and have a network of experts they can reach out to or connect you with to further your crypto journey.  It is so exciting to be part of a technology that is still so new that it's still in its infancy.  Cryptocurrency technology is going to change the furture for everyone around the globe.

Evans with Bitcoin Ben

"Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are our way out of the current financial system that has enslaved us through debt.  We have an opportunity to change our stars and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the beginning of a new technological future for 'We the People'". – Diane Evans, Co-Founder of Adventures in Crypto

With a veil cast on crypto by traditional media, and other central sources of information, you can easily get lost in the misinformation provided; information that paints a picture that crypto is dangerous, volatile, or a fad that will never make it off the ground.  We’ve done our research and have overcome negative rhetoric by educating ourselves on the matter.  The Evans are committed to helping others do the same through a structured, one-on-one consultation for anybody, at any level, who is interested in learning about crypto currency.  They educate on how to follow safe practices, know the proper technology requirements, and more. Accelerae your learning process with Adventures in Crypto, and become confident with the tools and resources you will learn as you integrate cryptocurrency into your own life.

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We’re Always Learning

The team at Adventures in Crypto is committed to continued education on crypto trends, developments, and resources as we are in providing quality crypto education to those we serve. Well-engaged in the crypto community through various crypto community groups, Adventures in Crypto continues to learn every day. We educate ourselves continuously by attending crypto community conferences, online webinars, or pursuing crypto certifications.  Technology is always evolving and there is always something new and innovative being created in the crypto environment.  Let our team help keep you up to date with the newest developments so you can stay on top of what's happening now.

If you’d like to learn more about our engagement in the crypto community, please feel free to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, we invite you to learn more about our perspective and approach to crypto developments by visiting our blog!

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