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Your Financial Freedom Begins With Cryptocurrency.

Crytopcurrency is an alternative currency to the current central banking system.  Why should anyone invest in Cryptocurrencies?  1) Decentralization - known for peer-to-peer transactions, meaning no bank or government has to approve the transactions.  2) Fraud protection - Transactions cannot be counterfeited.  3) Fewer and lower fees - Lower transactions fees over the current money system of today, especially when you consider wire transfers or international exchanges.  4) Faster transactions - Traditional dollar transactions can take days to clear, often requiring third-party approvals.  With cryptocurrency transactions can happen instantaniously.  Cryptocurrency is quickly integrating into many fibers of our daily life without the masses even realizing it. You can now purchase vehicles, homes, and merchandise with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, or exchange goods and services by using crypto on popular peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps. Whether you realize it or not, cryptocurrency is has made it into the financial world globally, and it’s just getting started.  It may take a few years to integrate into our daily lives, so start educating yourself and take advantage of the new future that's coming.

The adoption of cryptocurrency offers financial freedom and broader choices in ways that our current regulated financial infrastructure has long overlooked. Cryptocurrencies offer value, stability, longevity, freedom, and opportunity, and is changing the world as we know it.

Decentralized means a system not manipulated or controlled by any one central banking system where all transactions go to one centralized source for approval.   Decentralized systems are global networks, of thousands of individually owned proof of work computer systems, running at any given time verifying transactions continuously.  It is a permission-less system that is trustless.  Meaning no third-party can interfere with transactions" – Diane Evans, Co-Founder of Adventures in Crypto

With over 5,000 different crypto currencies in existence, now is the time to educate yourself about what cryptocurrencies are and why they exist. so you don’t get left behind. Despite technological advancement and the evolution of crytpocurrency options, the ordinary person struggles to understand the financial freedoms decentralization offers. To overcome these obstacles, education is essential - education from reputable sources with your best interests at heart. Here at Adventures in Crypto, we firmly believe that all people deserve access to education, resources, and more, regardless of who you are or where you’re from.  Schedule an appointment and let us help you get started today.

Key Components of Cryptocurrency Education:
  • Crypto Basics - Understand how to buy, sell, and hold cryptos
  • Safety Systems - Have the right software systems and exchanges in place to safely and securely purchase and hold cryptocurrency.
  • Secure Technology - Use the right technology to prevent hackers from getting into your systems.
  • Knowledge of Currencies - Understand the different types of cryptocurrencies available, their purpose, the benefits, and find projects that appeal to your interests
  • Create Confidence  - Educate yourself on the types of coins out there and their platforms, the technology behind them and how to safely and securely hold them.

Overwhelmed by the amount of information available about cryptocurrency? Let Adventures in Crypto accelerate your knowledge and help you get started today.

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